simple pasta

Tonight was the first evening I have spent alone in a long time.  It’s funny to realize that given how lonely I felt last summer.  Partially this frenetic lifestyle’s a bad thing — I need to slow down more and try to catch pool time and farmer’s markets before autumn comes. I’ve also been a slacker on fitness — still have yet to learn where to run around here — and crappy at writing my brothers.

Ah, well.  Balance is a pendulum in motion, and I am currently grateful and proud to have been so creative and social this summer. I do intend to slow down on dating sites, though… life gets really hectic with all these biddies barkin’ up my tree.*

Now, food for you:


This is quinoa pasta randomly purchased for me by my dear friend’s Mom. Isn’t that a sweet gesture? 🙂 Because I had to use up leftovers I sauteed half a yellow onion, an heirloom tomato, half a pack of baby bella mushrooms, and a large garlic clove in olive oil,then dumped these goodies onto my pasta when they were fragrant and browned. I then got fancy and picked herbs from my garden (basil, spicy oregano, one super-hot chili, and thyme), shredded them, and generously heaped them on top.

Finished with sea salt and a lovely parmesan + red pepper flakes medley (they carry a beautifully designed line of fancy parmesans at Giant Eagle — you can sort of see mine the background), this is a  simple but delicious way to make pasta without all the sugar and artificial weirdness found in pasta sauce. Try it with whatever veggies and herbs you like and let me know what tastes the best, and don’t forget to eat frozen concord grapes for your desert. Perfection! 🙂

*Note: The phrase “all these biddies barkin’ up my tree” was unexpectedly uttered by my friend Paul when asked about his love life. I couldn’t not share it with you.


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