BetrothedOnEtsy launched today!

It’s finally happening!

BetrothedOnEtsy is now live!


I am beyond excited to announce the launch of my second Etsy shop, a carefully curated collection of vintage and handmade bridal items.  Although Betrothed is still a baby, I am pleased with the romantic vintage items I have so far, and I am eager to make more flower crowns and hair clips (you can find my first three for sale.)  I also plan to make wedding dress belts, lacy gloves, and jewelry, and to sell things like vintage dresses, antique ring boxes, and more.

Alchemy 9 will also be geting a visual upgrade this fall, once I successfully DIY some photo backdrops and set about shooting everything. It’s hard to take pretty photos in a carpeted apartment with an IKEA table… that’s why it’s awesome that Meg of She & I Photography let me take over her place for Betrothed! She also took all of the product photos in which you see me wearing my items, which is truly indispensable for showing prospective customers how items fit.

Anyway, please check out Betrothed. I take commissions! 🙂


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