100 things that make me smile

  1. The way Luna always waits outside the bathroom when I’m taking a shower, then gently noses the bathroom door open to check on me and received forehead kisses.
  2. The way Apollo transforms into “Dr. Apollo” if he detects I am even the slightest bit sad or unwell.
  3. Ginger’s sudden loss of composure when she’s happy; she flails around on her back, buries her head in the blanket, sneezes loudly, and otherwise throws her dingo majesty to the wind.
  4. Pete in general, but especially Pete when he’s talking to the dogs in his adorable dad voice.
  5. Wildflowers.
  6. Iced coffee.
  7. Mowing the lawn.
  8. My daily garden inspection and love sesh, complete with me saying folksy things like, “Wow, that mint is sure out of control!”
  9. Making a huge mess making art.
  10. The way paint brushes become their own art after use.
  11. Randomly announcing “We have a house!” to Pete, and both of us still being stoked about that fact.
  12. Seeing a car with a stand-up paddle-board on top of it and wondering where they are going.
  13. DIY projects.
  14. The sound of my Dad’s voice.
  15. Farmer’s markets and natural grocery stores.
  16. Chocolate-covered honeycomb.
  17. Crisp mountain area.
  19. Wearing a silky bathrobe.
  20. Super comfy pants.
  21. The sound of beautiful piano music wafting over the neighbor’s fence.
  22. Morning dove coos.
  23. Doing New York Times crossword puzzles in the hammock.
  24. Seaweed snacks.
  25. The sound of wind and the sight of sunlight in trees.
  26. Midwestern politeness.
  27. Lifting heavy weights.
  28. The dogs’ reaction when we bring home new toys.
  29. Pete bringing me coffee in bed or getting a Monster on the way to the gym
  30. Baby goats.
  31. Alpine starts.
  32. My Team Training family, who bring me happiness both in and outside of the gym.
  33. Bonfires with Lia.
  34. Climbing a route I initially thought I’d never complete.
  35. Super-short hair.
  36. The breathtaking view of Standley Lake and the mountains I’m treated to every time I turn the bend on 88th.
  37. My pastoral commute.
  38. Noticing other people singing or jamming to tunes in their car.
  39. Saying “dog!” every time Pete and I drive past a dog, and Pete appreciating how important is to acknowledge that the dog in question is a good boy.
  40. Gorgeous tattoos.
  41. Tagging friends and being tagged by friends in ridiculous memes and gifs.
  42. Animal rescues and the people who support them.
  43. Being barefoot as much as possible.
  44. The endorphin rush from a really good workout.
  45. The zero-waste movement, especially when I do something to reduce plastic use myself.
  46. Good hot showers.
  47. The song I share with Pete.
  48. Cleaning and the feeling of peace afterward.
  49. Day-dreaming and Pinteresting for my future wedding.
  50. How awesome my Facebook friends/feed are.
  51. Getting sucked into a good show, book, or anime.
  52. Randomly jumping over things and shouting “PARKOUR!”
  53. My favorite local coffeeshops.
  54. How good and effortless it feels to speak Spanish.
  55. Contemplating my ancestry and how I came to be.
  56. The ocean, particularly swimming and beach-combing.
  57. When Cassie asks, “How is your heart feeling?”
  58. Rob’s frantic “I’M SORRY WE SHOULD TALK MORE!” What’sApp texts.
  59. Daydreaming about visiting John and Brian in San Fran.
  60. Pens that write really, really well.
  61. Seasonal foods like corn and watermelon.
  62. Following talented artists on Instagram so I can treat my eyes to their greatness each day.
  63. The smell of wood smoke.
  64. Fishing, and how it’s somehow both relaxing and exciting.
  65. The changing of the seasons and all the small pleasures that accompany each one.
  66. Butterflies, especially when I know what they are called.
  67. New outdoor gear.
  68. Cold canned beverages like White Claw seltzer, Monster, and La Croix.
  69. Thistles that grow taller than my head.
  70. The smell of summer rain.
  71. My boss’s ridiculous habit of saying things like “Whack a duck!” to avoid swearing.
  72. When Mic and I gchat each other poetic greetings like “Good morning, fox maiden” and “How are you today, songbird?”
  73. The Rooftop Girls.
  74. Snapchats from pals, especially Sam-snaps and baby-chicken-snaps.
  75. Freshly grilled food.
  76. Blankets and throw pillows.
  77. Finding simple, one-ingredient beauty DIYs that work, like shea butter as a facial moisturizer.
  78. Noticing a houseplant growing new leaves or buds.
  79. Gas station snacks.
  80. Feeling foxy in a flattering dress.
  81. Confident and empowering women.
  82. Being able to do something really well.
  83. That feeling of excitement when a storm is brewing.
  84. Ultra blue high-altitude skies.
  85. Really good hugs.
  86. Coming home to a riot of joyful dingos and dropping everything to play with them.
  87. Learning something new.
  88. Traveling somewhere new.
  89. Getting a new stamp in my passport.
  90. Getting a surprise card or package in the mail.
  91. When Pete says “nerd” and I know that means “I love you.”
  92. Thinking of something nice to do for Pete and racing to finish it before he comes home.
  93. Hygge, complete with salt baths and candles, even more so when we have a big snow.
  94. Reminiscing about life in Japan.
  95. The North Woods.
  96. When I refer to my childhood house in Ohio as “home” and Pete corrects me, “THIS is home.”
  97. Random phone calls from my brothers.
  98. When people are eager to share something they love with me.
  99. The scent of fresh herbs.
  100. The delight, surprise, and relief when perennial plants come back the next year.

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