100 happy things, part 2

  1. Hearing one of my jams while driving, sometimes three times in a row because I’ll hit ‘replay’ as much as I damn well please.
  2. Franklin County Dog Shelter’s photo albums of recently adopted dogs.
  3. Old people who take power walking extremely seriously.
  4. Laughing to the point that all you can do is make desperate, high-pitched sounds.
  5. Slushy drinks.
  6. Cars freshly glistening from the car wash.
  7. Friends who encourage me to tackle fitness challenges.
  8. Foxy mascara.
  9. The scent of tropical sunscreen.
  10. My Dad’s weekly updates on what squirrels he’s caught.
  11. Turtles.
  12. Fridays.
  13. The unique and potent scent of sun-drenched tomato plants.
  14. Wildflowers running rampant on highway medians and railroad tracks, particularly Rocky Mountain dwarf sunflowers, lupine, and vibrant blue chicory.
  15. Driving by horses, llamas, donkeys, etc., when out and about.
  16. Coming home after dark to cozily glowing windows and a welcoming front light.
  17. Fist-bumps.
  18. Watching the ecosystems change as a high-altitude hike progresses.
  19. The phrase “shred the gnar.”
  20. Elk bugles. Completely ridiculous.
  21. Barwick mailing me old books.
  22. Poetry.
  23. When you stop petting a dog for a second and it reaches out a paw to beg you for more.
  24. Cat purrs.
  25. Beautiful and healthy betta fish.
  26. Dinner parties.
  27. Encountering something in glass/cardboard/zero-waste packaging instead of plastic.
  28. Garden centers.
  29. Commiserating with strangers about universal human experiences like being tired on Monday.
  30. Prairie dogs.
  31. Deep-sea mysteries.
  32. Dinosaur Ridge.
  33. Seeing cacti on a hike and overreacting because cacti don’t grow in Ohio and are therefore *extra cool*.
  34. When dogs wag their tails so hard their whole bodies wiggle.
  35. Freshly painted nails.
  36. Classy picnic dinners consisting of olives, almonds, grapes, wine, and assorted charcuterie.
  37. Seeing a honeybee and rooting it on.
  38. My inability to keep my birdfeeder full because all the critters chow down HARD.
  39. The word “shenanigans.”
  40. Mary’s Glacier.
  41. Making colleagues jealous with a baller packed lunch.
  42. Making eye contact with someone and grimacing dramatically when a workout is hard or a line is too long.
  43. Dancing to swanky music in the kitchen – especially when I can sing along in Spanish.
  44. Homemade pizza.
  45. Hand-made gifts.
  46. Lake Isabelle.
  47. Stupid YouTube videos like Dancing Shower Turtle and Power Thirst.
  48. Craft stores, particularly when I am on the hunt for inspiration.
  49. Houseguests.
  50. Women who wear really bold lipstick.
  51. Fluffy hotel towels.
  52. Foxes.
  53. Succulents.
  54. When an NPR reporter makes a dumb joke or pun and you can tell they’re trying hard not to laugh for the rest of the sentence.
  55. Corgi butts.
  56. The Northern Lights. Can you believe we have those?
  57. Cars covered in ridiculous bumper stickers. The less appropriate, the better.
  58. Luna moths.
  59. Ginger’s ridiculously finnicky way of eating edamame.
  60. Dog sighs.
  61. Sakana, and the memory of the first time Pete and I went to eat at that cute little place.
  62. My 4H neighbor’s random front-yard menagerie – especially the ducks.
  63. My dad referring to our dogs as his “grand-dogs”.
  64. The live jade plant and pretty seashell I keep in my shower to make it more spa-like.
  65. Seeing people carrying a bouquet around the store and wondering who they’re buying it for.
  66. Picking raspberries (or eating someone else’s).
  67. Making everyday things that pretty much nobody else cares about aesthetically pleasing to me, like vitamins (I decant them in a cute porcelain jar) and shampoo (I use a green glass dispenser instead of the plastic bottle).
  68. Being a moonchild.
  69. Watching fireworks.
  70. Stories and jokes that begin with the phrase, “THIS bitch—”
  71. Sailing.
  72. Scouring Anthropologie for DIY ideas.
  73. Suddenly asking, “DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME?!”
  74. Two-toed sloths, especially when they’re squeaking.
  75. Making someone laugh and then hearing them struggling not to crack up again a full ten minutes later.
  76. Bioluminescence.
  77. The cormorant rookery on Standley Lake.
  78. Hot fudge + froyo.
  79. Overhearing ludicrous fragments of other people’s phone calls.
  80. Anklets and the silly way they make me feel like an island princess.
  81. Sprinkles.
  82. Earning fuel perks at the grocery store.
  83. Treasure-hunting antique malls and thrift shops.
  84. Dog yawns.
  85. Stepping out into warm sun after having been in A/C for too long.
  86. Hearing the quiet clacking of my dogs’ claws accelerate into a loud CLACKCLACKCLACKCLACK when I call their names.
  87. Girls who build one another up.
  88. Shavasana.
  89. Pete’s thrifted Obama family photo mug.
  90. Journalists, and how I very nearly became one.
  91. Rocking crazy, uncombed, callick hair.
  92. Using the leafblower like “I HAVE THE POWER!”
  93. Ads that are inclusive, say by including a child with Down’s Syndrome or a homosexual couple, particularly when they’re in something low-profile and normalizing like a catalog or banking commercial.
  94. Yelling “smash the patriarchy!” at Pete when I’m riled up about sexism and injustice.
  95. Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, and other old-school competitive videogames.
  96. The phrase “lookin’ like a snack”.
  97. People who overuse emojis when they text.
  98. String lights.
  99. When people donate old jewelry to me for me to use as craft supplies. 😊
  100. Yelling “get it, girl!” in the gym.

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